CabAuto provides full interior solutions produced using a diverse range of specialist manufacturing capabilities - essential to deliver quality, value and high performing components.

Specialist material assemblies
Specialist material assemblies Heavy-duty machines for thicker gauge materials and sewing of carpet, plastics and board materials. Heat staking, ultrasonic welding, rivetting/stapling and general assembly techniques.
CNC Gerber cutting
CNC Gerber cutting Fast cycle, multi-layer operation with option of material in roll and blank-fed form.
Water jet cutting
Water jet cutting Suitable high speed, accurate & repeatable cutting technology for complex 5-axis profiles.
Leather cutting
Leather cutting Dedicated knife cutting centre with expertise in visual flaw recognition and ability to maximise material utilisation.
Paint plant
Paint plant Fully automated 5 stage pre-treatment process, ITW Gema powder coat system with quick colour change magic centre, high level control of film thickness ensuring optimum results every time.
Welding In-house MIG welding capability for wire seat frames and associated structures with manual and automated robot suites. Spot welding and projection welding of carbon and mild steel with in-house macro testing capabilities of all welds.
CNC Laser cutter
CNC Laser cutter Multi-material capability utilising fully programmable fast cycle laser cutter system (fitted with 3kW laser head) featuring computerised nesting & planning.
Pressed felt
Pressed felt Phenolic & non phenolic felts, raw or covered substrates, return edge process and in-mould, final assembly capability.
CNC Router
CNC Router Full CNC controlled router featuring large bed area capable of processing multiple layers and different material types.
PU Foam process
PU Foam process Quick change carousel systems capable of producing bespoke foams, complex profiles and multi-cavity processes. Our capability also includes MDI system and quick-change derivative swap.
Injection moulding
Injection moulding In-house facilities for moulding small components - up to 125mt lock press.
Manual sewing
Manual sewing Single and twin needle decorative stitch with multi-fabric capability (Leather, PVC, fabric and carpet).
Adhesive application
Adhesive application Water-based, solvent content and polyolefin systems alongside spray booths and curing systems.
Hand trimming
Hand trimming Highly skilled knife board cutting and blade assisted alignment across a diverse range of fabrics.