Materials innovation

Innovative, lightweight materials are one of the key aspects to producing improved fuel consumption in road vehicles. This is one area that we are particularly looking at developing through the increased use and development of alternative production techniques. Our approach to developing new processes and adopting new materials has helped customers make beneficial design changes within tight timeframes without sacrificing the comfort, quality and durability expected by customers.

Our headliner and seat backboard substrates can be made from materials composed of natural fibres and polypropylene. Another substrate that we produce is the tri-laminate board that is used for our load floors.

We also operate a 2-carousel PU Foam process area manufacturing bespoke foams for seat cushions, headrests and armrests.

Our employees are also vastly skilled and experienced in manufacturing parts using materials such as leather, PVC, Alcantara and textile fabrics.

Cab Auto are now producing Baypreg, this is a very strong, light weight material.